Our Impact

Drug use, overdose deaths and fentanyl poisonings are at an unprecedented level—the likes that the country has never seen before. This is a fight we cannot afford to lose, and it will take as many of us as possible to combat the epidemic.


While abusing any type of drug or alcohol can cost a life, fentanyl is the biggest killer in our country right now. A lot of our focus will be on combating the fentanyl epidemic.

One life lost is too many.

The Amara Rose Foundation needs you to help us: 

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Educate both children and adults

Stopping them from “just trying it once” and to say no under peer pressure or curiosity by educating about different types of drugs and alcohol. We help people understand exactly what addiction is—a disease. We teach where fentanyl is showing up (in fake prescription pills, certain vapes, heroin, meth, cocaine, pot, gummi candy, etc.).

Raise awareness

What drugs are in our communities? Where do they come from? How do they get in someone’s hands? What can they do to someone?

Encourage people in recovery, and support people struggling with mental illness, grief and addiction

They’re all around us and need encouragement. Since the foundation was formed, our support has extended to the families of this population as well.

Support law enforcement

The drug epidemic is causing burn-out within our law enforcement. We support our communities’ officers and investigators, whether it be with helping with the K-9 unit or providing support for their own programs … whatever is needed to help them keep drugs out of our communities.

Support our community presentations

We present hard-hitting presentations in schools, churches and other community establishments. We have booths at community events. We love being in parades! We are present and educating wherever and whenever we can.

Support those in jails and prisons

We provide support to jail programs, jail ministries, etc. They are on the frontline with those incarcerated with drug-related offenses, and they need support to help turn those lives around.

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Please join us in this very important fight.

Together, we can save our children and others we love.